Why do I need writing or editing services for my project?
Your printed or electronic words are your “calling card” with your clients or constituents. Regardless of the type of communication, you have precious few seconds with which to make an impression with your reader. Using the best possible words can improve that impression.

What services can you provide me?
• Original writing
• Editing or proofreading
• Instructional design (including training needs analysis)
• Software documentation, help file content, or information for a content management system
• Workflow documents
• Reports and general business witing
• Meeting notetaking and transcription
• Audio transcription
• Do you have something different? Please ask.

What method will you use to edit?
I like to work in a way that makes it easy for you to review the results. I can use Microsoft Word (with or without the Track Changes feature), sticky notes in Adobe Acrobat (for small editing jobs) or even plain text. If necessary, I can handwrite edits on a printed copy of your document and send you a copy electronically

May we conference about my project? And how will we communicate?
Absolutely! Communication about your project is important. Using Skype is quick and easy, and global. We can also use email or phone.

What are your rates?
Hourly rates begin at $15/hr for proofreading. Pricing from there is based on complexity and scope of the project. For larger projects, I am willing to consider working on a fixed price basis so you can manage your budget. Once we discuss your project and deliverables, I will provide a reasonable price quote.

May I see samples of your work?
See a list of clients, examples of past projects, and testimonials.

What makes you different from other writers I can consider hiring?
I offer you the benefit of more than twenty-five years of writing across a broad range of industries and organizations,including freelance writing for a major U.S. newspaper. Because of my extensive training experience, I’m skilled at asking questions which helps us make sure we have as rich a set of information as possible.

How should I contact you?
Please go to the contact page on this site to send information about your project.