About Us

Written Impressions LLC is based in northeast Ohio.  Its owner Linda Webb is a writer, former teacher and training professional with a master’s degree in Education who has been writing and designing and delivering training materials and solutions for more than thirty years.

Working with clients locally and globally, we call upon strong analytical and listening skills to identify the audience for the project, capture or research content, ensure that key concepts are included and make sure that the message is appropriately tailored to the reader or learner.

Our experience spans a wide range of organization types; SuccessFactors for talent management in human resources as well as enterprise project and training roles in manufacturing, pharmaceutical, software, legal and non-profit settings.

Since many projects seem to take on a life of their own while being delivered on time and within budget, Written Impressions LLC believes in flexibility and responsiveness.

Please let us know how we can partner with you to provide writing or instructional design materials for your next project.